Sick when you are out town alone :(

Hi there, sorry I did’t update the blog for almost a month, am actually prepared a beginner level leather chained bracelet tutorial (sneak peak huh), just am fully occupied by shooting and writing before flying to Paris fashion week like crazy! :(

I should be super excited I am finally here, Paris is the place I always love. However, I experienced the terrible flight ever due to the menstrual pain, had taken 6 pills but it just didn’t help a bit. When I landed Paris, I was suffering from diarrhoea and fever!!! No one and no pills with me…what so sad is people don’t really understand “diarrhoea” and “fever” (!) so I can’t buy any pills :(((((((( the only self-healing-way when you are out-town alone, grab some lemon and hot water, drink it and sleep…

Most of the shows start tomorrow, wish me luck!

DIY Leather bucket bag | Design

Here you are the first step to DIY your own leather bucket bag, DESIGN! I wanna keep my bag classic so I made it as minimal as possible. When I first started to design my own bag like two years ago, I had soooo many questions about sizing and making production patterns. If you have the same questions, the following tips mayΒ helpΒ :)
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