Iced coffee cheesecake

Just bought too many ingredients, so besides making my dad a birthday cake for tomorrow, still have enough ingredients to make this coffee cheesecake. Simple easy and  yummy :)

Iced coffee cheesecake
(from  <<Everyday Treats by Anita & Sunny @ Jam Bakery>>)

Coffee Cheese
Cream Cheese 250g
Sugar 70g
Whipping cream 125g
Egg yolk 25g
Egg white 80g
Instant coffee powder 7g*
Hot water 1 Tablespoon
Corn starch 15g
Vanilla essence 1/4 Tablespoon

Sweet cream
Whipping cream 80g
Sugar 6g
Vanilla essence 1/4 Tablespoon

Chocolate powder
Cinnamon powder

How to:
Coffee Cheese
1. Whisk whipping cream with electric mixer at medium speed until soft peak form. Leave for later.
2. Whisk cream cheese until smooth, then add sugar gradually and whisk until blend.
3. Pour in beaten egg and blend well.
4. Pour in coffee liquid and fold well with a rubber spatula.
5. Add vanilla essence and fold well.
6. Add corn starch and fold well.
7. Pour in whisked whipping cream in step 1.
8. Transfer the mixture into the container with a piping bag. Then put them on a baking tray for 35 minutes at 180℃.

Sweet cream
9. Whisk whipping cream, sugar and vanilla essence with electric mixer until soft peak form. When the cake are set, spread the cream evenly.
10. Sift chocolate powder and/or cinnamon powder on top prior serving.

Tips :
*You can add more if you are coffee-lover, or replaced by distilled espresso coffee instead.

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