Blueberry cheesecake

Say happy birthday to my dad! My sis bought a lot a lot of blueberry, that’s why I made my dad a blueberry cheesecake :)

Blueberry cheesecake
(from  <<The patisserie of Tony Wong 2>>)

9-inch diameter round cake mould

Cake base 
Digestive biscuits 150g
Melted butter 65g

The cake
Cream cheese 300g
Milk 170g (divided into 70g & 100g)
Sugar 135g
Egg yolk 55g
Gelatin leaf 12g (soak to soften)
35% whipping cream

Blueberry filling 250g

How to :
Cake base
1. Finely chop digestive biscuits, mix well with melted butter. Pour into cake mould and press firmly.

The cake
2. Beat cream cheese until smooth.
3. Boil 100g milk and half portion of sugar.
4. Mix together 70g milk, rest of the sugar and egg yolk. Pour hot milk into the egg yolk mixture, stir well. Return to saucepan, reheat until 82℃, remove from heat.*
5. Stir the soaked gelatin until melted, strain, set a side to just warm. Add into the cream cheese in several intervals, stir at low speed to avoid lumps
6. Add whipping cream, half at a time, stir well. Pour the cream cheese mixture into cream base and put it into refrigerator. Spoon blueberry filling on top and spread to smooth.

Tips :
*Reheat custard to 82℃ to sterilize egg yolk.

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