Raspberry & honey citron tea mousse cake

Making my mum a mango cheesecake for birthday can never go wrong, but this year, I decided not to play safe, so I tried making this raspberry & honey citron tea mousse cake. The sour and sweet taste makes it so refreshing. Nice try!

Raspberry & honey citron tea mousse cake
(from  <<The patisserie of Tony Wong>>)

9-inch diameter round cake ring

Jellied raspberry puree 
Raspberry puree 200g
Sugar 29g
Gelatin leaf 4 4/5g

Honey citron tea mousse
Sugar 100g
Water 25ml
Egg yolk 112 1/2g
Honey citron tea 166g
35% Whipped cream 500g
Gelatin leaf 12 1/2g

Cake Base
Around 8 1/2-inch diameter sponge slice

How to
Jellied raspberry puree
1. Blend the fresh raspberry to puree.
2. Mix 1/5 raspberry puree with sugar, heat the mixture until sugar dissolved. Remove from heat.
3. Pour in melted gelatin then add the remaining puree. Stir well.
4. Pour to an around 16cm diameter container, refrigerate until set.

Honey citron tea mousse

5. Blend honey citron to coarse puree.
6. Boil sugar and water to 121℃. Pour over beaten egg yolk, beat until the mixture is doubled in volume and with ribbon consistency. Pour in melted gelatin. Stir well.
7. Add citron puree, stir well. Then add whipped cream, stir to think honey citron tea mousse.
8. Place sponge slice in a 9-inch cake ring lined with baking paper.
9. Spread the honey citron tea mousse along the sides of cake ring.*
10. Add the firm jellied raspberry puree. Pour in remaining honey citron tea mousse, level surface, refrigerate until firm.

*The thick mousse is not east to fill inn the space between cake base and the ring. Piping makes the job easier. (this is tips from Tong Wong, but lazy bone like me just spoon the mousse in XD)

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