On my lips

My lips are really dry, even in summer, I have to apply balm quite often to hydrate my lips, that’s why I am not huge fans of lipstick. No matter how (so-called) hydrating the formula is, most of them accentuate the dryness and make the cracks even deeper :(

Even so, I do want my lips look naturally shine, smooth and full. Sometimes I apply a thick layer of balm while doing face and eyes make up, kinda like having a lip mask. Then I remove the balm and apply some really sheer and light-weight lipstick. To make my lips look a bit fuller, I put on a thin layer of lip gloss to finish the look. But what makes me so sad is, my lips are just too dry, no matter what lipsticks I use, if I don’t talk or eat, the color may last for like half hour, once I open my mouth talking drinking whatever, it just can’t stand for 10 minutes…

Still I figure out the best time to apply lipstick, once I get on bus, I apply the lipsticks and gloss, then fall asleep through the whole journey. When I awake, my lips just look soooo smooth and watery! My bus-lips-duo, Chanel rouge coco shine#69 Flirt,  lipgloss #737 Lotus Rose :)

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