Trip de-stress essentials

I love staying alone in hotel, that I can do whatever I like, bath as long as I want. No one will knock my door urging me to hurry up. I kinda like going to business trip, once I finished work and back to my room, I jump into to the bathtub immediately and I get completely relaxed.
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Grab one and ready go – overnight yogurt

Hi blog, am heading to the airport to fly to Beijing for 3 days. Flight at 9am, so I have to arrive at least an hour and half earlier, and it takes 1.5 hr from my home to airport, which means I have to catch 5:15am bus…hmmmmm….

So I made an jar of yogurt last night, that I can have a very quick but healthy breakfast to start the day. Super easy, all you need are yogurt and your favourite ingredients. I added strawberries, blueberries, walnuts, koko krunch and honey. Just mix them together and it’s ready to serve :)

His and hers

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I used to think couple matching outfits are super odd, but Ms. Prada you change the rule! The brand showcased their women’s latest resort collection alongside the SS15 men’s runway. “Anytime I do a men’s show, I’m thinking this would be fantastic for women—or at least for me. And more and more, it feels instinctively right to translate the same idea for both genders”, the designer said.
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