Trip de-stress essentials

I love staying alone in hotel, that I can do whatever I like, bath as long as I want. No one will knock my door urging me to hurry up. I kinda like going to business trip, once I finished work and back to my room, I jump into to the bathtub immediately and I get completely relaxed.

One of my  travel kit must-have are those little bottle of Aromatherapy Associate’s essentials oils, de-stress muscle and deep relax bath and shower oils. The calming blend of camomile, vetivert and ylang ylang that helps to aid relaxation and is your fast-track to drift off into a blissful night. Just add some to the bath or smooth it over your neck before showering, it really helps to forget all those heavy and annoying work. Together I heart Apivita cleansing gel with citrus & propoils, well very honest the gel is just a normal cleaning gel but I love the smell.

Since I have a very sensitive scalp, every time when I use the hair care products provided by hotel, the next day I get the itches on scalp and even have dandruff! This is very embarrassing especially when I am in business trip with black clothes, so I have to bring my own hair products. Recently I am using Fekkai Brilliant Glossing shampoo and conditioner, pretty good on my sensitive scalp, no itchy no dandruff. Even the products stated to be luster-enhancing, in fact they won’t make it too shiny, which is good for me.

Not only relaxing product, you also need a nice place to bath. This time I was staying in Hotel Éclat, a new and modern decorated hip hotel. I love their bathtub very much! the size, the laying angle, the handle, everything just fit me XD

Comfy room with a little massage sofa. inside there are quite a lot of interesting (or weird I would say) facilities for you to explore.

I can’t drink coffee due to the weak stomach, what I used most frequently is the water boiler. However, my friend said the coffee is good.

The hotel is decorated with many contemporary art pieces. The lobby, corridor and the opening areas are full of difference kind of art works. Well somehow I think it’s a bit too much.

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