hidden gem in Paris – Le Chenin

My colleague said selecting restaurant randomly in Paris can be a disaster, overpriced menu, unfriendly staff and most importantly, bad food. I don’t believe it at first. Come on! This is Paris! They love food! But after few failures, hmmm…maybe I should really do google/tripadvisor before getting in a restaurant. I know this sounds pretty conservative, but trust me, some preparations make you meal sooooo much better. This time, I found Le Chenin, a brilliant traditional french restaurant, that already put on my buckle list.

Honestly I had hesitation on the way to the restaurant…are those comments in tripadvisor real? would the staff be very rule and tell me no English menu then gone? Then I have to order by guessing again? Well, when I arrived the restaurant, all those question marks are gone!

The first question I asked one of the owners, “Do you have English menu?”, he welcomed my friend and I with a big smile and greeted us in. After we sat down, we realized they actually don’t have an official printed English menu, the owners are the menu. They held the black board in front of us and took us through the menu in detail. When there were some words he didn’t know in English, he translated them by his phone (his friend as he stated). And there was a lady sitting next to us, who just finished her meal, keep telling “everything is beautiful here, they cook beautifully”. Okay! seems like I am in the right place!

It’s time to order. There was a dish the owner explained as “traditional french black pudding” (Euro€6.90), I asked him “what is it? Is it good?” (I know this is a stupid question, who will say no!), immediately he went to the kitchen and took me some to try! “Try it and you will know”. It’s kinda like spam made with preserved meat and it tastes wonderful! I of course ordered this one as my starter.

My friend ordered an assorted meat(Euro€7.70). The portion was so big that actually good for two people. He is a meat-lover, and after finished this, he was like gone to heaven.

Here came the main course. I had the lamb skewer with jerusalem artichoke (Euro€14.00). The grilled lamb could never go wrong. What amaze me is the side dishes, I though it was sliced baked potato, but the owner told me this was actually jerusalem artichoke, in sweet and creamy taste.

Sirloin or…(Euro€19.50), I forgot the name in full, anyway. Medium cooked, very juicy, with not much seasoning, just the sea salt was more then enough to enhance the taste.

What a pity that we were super full after the main, really no room for dessert :((((( I have to say the food here is really beautifully cooked in reasonable price, plus very warm service and nice decor definitely made it a hidden gem in Paris.

Le Chenin
33 Rue Le Peletier, 75009, Paris
Open from Monday to Friday 09:30 to 00:00
(Translated by Google, original: Ouvert du lundi au vendredi de 9h30 à 00h)

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