Armani beauty travel kit

I am a lazy person. It is super troublesome to fill my daily skincare into travel bottles. Every time I travel, I just bring all those full size skincare with me…ummmmm…that’s why my suitcase has at least 15kg for just 3D2N trip…

In the last Paris trip, I was invited to Giorgio Armani Beauty new fragrance and cosmetic launch event. They were so nice sending me a whole set of GAB travel kit for the trip use, so I could give up all those full size products to fit in one more shoes! Hooooray!

I used this Crema Nera Extrema collection throughout the trip. I wouldn’t say they were so amazing because I just tried for 6 days. My skin was hydrated and toned, even in travel exhaustion and lack of sleep. and I have sensitive skin, the collection had no side effect on me. The texture of the supreme reviving cream is really light, it softened and moisturized my skin but not greasy at all. It’s good for Paris weather, not sure if it’s good for Hong Kong, you know HK is in extreme hot and humid.

What really surprise me was the Luminessence BB fluid. Okay I was just tooooo stupid that I had forgotten to bring foundation to Paris!!!!!! Was it a nightmare OMG!!!!! I didn’t wanna spend money buying a new one so this BB fluid saved me. It was quite sheer but good enough to even skin tone and cover up pores. The coverage was quite light that couldn’t hide dark circles, so you had to use concealer…I was really pissed off as I didn’t realized my concealer was almost finished. I guess there were only 2-3 pumps left…for 6 days huhhhhhhhhhh…

I always forget this and that for the trip! I swear, next time I will prepare a packing list!


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