hidden gem in Paris – Le Chenin

My colleague said selecting restaurant randomly in Paris can be a disaster, overpriced menu, unfriendly staff and most importantly, bad food. I don’t believe it at first. Come on! This is Paris! They love food! But after few failures, hmmm…maybe I should really do google/tripadvisor before getting in a restaurant. I know this sounds pretty conservative, but trust me, some preparations make you meal sooooo much better. This time, I found Le Chenin, a brilliant traditional french restaurant, that already put on my buckle list.
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To all chocolate lovers

ya I know it looks mouth-watering…and actually it issss…scrumptious…super rich & creamy!! First time home-made double chocolate chip ice-cream trial with my sis, it was a huge success…OMG ice-cream maker I love you, and sorry I think you gonna have a very busy summer XD
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