DIY Leather bucket bag | How to

YEEEEEEHOOOOOOOO…after like more then half month of hard work, I have already finished the DIY leather bucket bag, and here you are the tutorial!

I would say this bag is a beginner level, not require many skills but you do need quite a lot of tools like eyelets setting dies, but it’s okay if you don’t wanna invest a lot in tools, you can pick those eyelets with screw-back or even just stitch around the eyelet to secure it.

Just I made it part-time and needa take steps pictures (and main reason is I am quite lazy), so it took me more then two weeks to finish; otherwise I think you can finish it in a weekend. For the inspiration, check out here and for the paper pattern, check out here.

1. IMG_8584a
1. Cut all the patterns out from leather and pig split.

2. DSC_4373a
2. Join leather and lining wrong side to wrong side by glue.

3. DSC_4388a
3. Polish the leather edge by sandpaper.

4. DSC_4398a
4. Stain the edge.

5. DSC_4406a
5. You can see the difference between stained edge and untreated edge. Quality tells by details.

Join the main bodies and side panels
6. DSC_4416a
6. Sand the seam allowance by 200-400 grit sandpaper, which makes a rougher surface to have a better bond with glue.

7. DSC_4426a
7. Gouge a sewing channel.

8. DSC_4412a
8. Place the main bodies side by side.

9. IMG_8658a
9. Join the top protruding part. Punch stitching holes by diamond stitching chisel.

10. IMG_8664a
10. Use a 2-prongs chisel to punch holes for corner. Hand-stitch it.

11. DSC_4420a
11. Install D-ring to the side panel. Fold end until completely hide the protruding part.

12. IMG_8634a
12. Gouge a sewing channel, punch stitching holes on the side panel.

13. IMG_8653b
13. Hand-stitch the leathers.

Join the main bodies and bottom
14. IMG_8773a
14. Cut 4 corners on the bottom part of the main bodies, in order to form shape and join the bag base easier.

15. IMG_8776a
15. Sand the seam allowance by 200-400 grit sandpaper, which makes a rougher surface to have a better bond with glue.

16. IMG_8782a
16. Fold the seam allowance, glue the main body and the bag base. Use binder clips to clamp them together.

17. IMG_8788a
17. Hand-stitch the leathers.

18. IMG_8799a
18. Punch holes for the eyelets. My hole punch is 9mm diameter.

19. IMG_8790a
19. Set eyelets with setting dies. If you don’t have these tools, you can choose the eyelets with screw-back or simply have a stitch around eyelet to secure it.

20. IMG_8818a
20. Lace the strap, make a stopper for the strap. The stopper is just a rectangular pattern, size varies from the diameter of your strap, and mine is 2.5cm x 5cm.


SPECIAL THANKS MR. CHARLES WONG FOR TAKING THE STYLING PICS, STILL LIFE & PARTS OF THE STEP-BY STEP PICS! (if you find those with bad angle, it must be taken by myself XD)

Do leave me a comment if you have any questions. :)


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66 thoughts on “DIY Leather bucket bag | How to

  1. Hi, love the design! I got lots of leather making tools for Christmas and have already made cases and tiny bags. I have a question: on step 17, did you stitch up the bottom to the main part of the bag? Is it through the lining? Thanks

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