Clean your brushes

Even you use the makeup brushes daily, they still look pretty clean, but just dip some cleaner and you will know how dirty they actually are, ewwwwww!!
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Armani beauty travel kit

I am a lazy person. It is super troublesome to fill my daily skincare into travel bottles. Every time I travel, I just bring all those full size skincare with me…ummmmm…that’s why my suitcase has at least 15kg for just 3D2N trip…
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smell my Paris memories

Smell connects memories. I brought Bvlgari the jasmin noir to Paris this time, that became my odor of Paris. Now I have been home for 4 days, still in heavy jet lag…when I miss the beautiful city, I apply some jasmin noir, it brings back a flood of memories…paris paris paris :((((((