DIY canvas bag tutorial

It has been really long time since the last leather craft tutorial, sorry to keep you guys waiting. Here you are a beginner level DIY canvas bag tutorial, all you needa do is to sew few threads and attached the leather handles, sounds easy huh!? Lets get started!
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Saint Laurent cruise 2015

0115_Saint Laurent01
In one of the freezing and windy days last month, our team went to Nam Sang Wai to do this Saint Laurent 2015 cruise collection shooting. I felt like I was in a fridge and you know what, after the shooting, my skin got sensitive and so red thanks to the windy weather…but still, I love the pictures :)
Art Direction John Wan
Editor Nicole Tse
Photographer King Wu
Model Dominika (Elite Model)
Make up & Hair Nico Ho (Further Image)
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