Chanel cruise 2015

Happy new year, we started our first shoot with Chanel using projector. The effect is just out of my expectation!
Art Direction John Wan
Editor Nicole Tse
Photographer Kirk Cheung
Model Aline (Style International)
Make up Winki Winki (VC make up)
Hair Roy Yan (Queens Private I)
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Alexander Wang x H&M

It’s November! I skipped my blog for another month…I almost death from overwork, countless SS15 fashion week supplement writing plus daily rountine work. Being an editor in HK is really a no glamour job, just keep working without going to bed, awww…anyway the supplement thing is finally done, i can have my life back and relax a bit for a while (yes, just for A WHILE!)

What made November so exciting is definitely AWANG x H&M. The collection will be out on 6 Nov (coming Thurs!) worldwide. When I first known the collaboration I was super excited,but after trying on some pieces during shooting, I have no fancy anymore. It’s no doubt a very cool collection for tall and skinny, just I am too tiny and fat for them:( But still there is something I am eyeing on, the key chain! the mini boxing gloves are just toooooo cute!!

*images from 23 Oct Ming Pao Life & Style cover features, written and coordinated by me.



0806_buckle bag
The weather of Hong Kong is just too hot & humid, I feel like melting once I step out from air-con!! So I decided to stay home for the rest of the summer weekend focusing on my craft and cook. Other then just DIY-ing accessories, I am thinking to make myself a tiny leather bucket bag. I used to have a small one in black but it was broken long time ago. The bag is definitely made a comeback these seasons, so why not make a new one in this prefect timing. Bucket bag project’s engine is on! Stay turned!
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