Sunday treat! Homemade caramel ice-cream

It’s Sunday, treat yourself with really yummmm caramel ice-cream, serve it with some sea salt and it definitely makes the day!!!!!!
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To all chocolate lovers

ya I know it looks mouth-watering…and actually it issss…scrumptious…super rich & creamy!! First time home-made double chocolate chip ice-cream trial with my sis, it was a huge success…OMG ice-cream maker I love you, and sorry I think you gonna have a very busy summer XD
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Black sesame ice-cream

I bought an ice-cream machine long long time ago, like in 2007?! anyway I just remember I was still in high school…ya…I just bought it and put ASIDE…never used…hmmm…

Recently I found a cool ice-cream book in my drawer, that also bought long time ago. Okay maybe it’s time to try the machine. To leave myself a super nice impression of the machine (if I fail the first time, it may have another 7 years unused), so I made one of my favourite flavor, black sesame ice-cream.
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