DIY canvas bag tutorial

It has been really long time since the last leather craft tutorial, sorry to keep you guys waiting. Here you are a beginner level DIY canvas bag tutorial, all you needa do is to sew few threads and attached the leather handles, sounds easy huh!? Lets get started!
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upcycle DIY – chain double-wrap leather bracelet

sometimes you received gifts but just don’t know what to do with them…they are in good quality not to throw away…so I remade it to something that really wearable…see the transformation!
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DIY rope bracelet

I am hooked with rope bracelet this summer. I know there are so many beautiful choices in the market, but most of them are super over-priced! Why not making by myself, cheap and easy, all you need is a snap and some colorful ropes. So I went sourcing materials in Sham Shui Po (an area with lots of craft suppliers), and here is the tutorial how I made my DIY rope bracelet :)
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